Monday, 9 February 2009

Ask an ant

CHANGE OF RULES: We are now only asking for a commitment of 1 interview every 2 weeks.

If you want to do one every week that's fine but only one a fortnight is compulsory.
Solo entries only, if we get 2 astounding entries we may take on both of you on alternate weeks though.

Hey Ants!

So we have a cunning plan to get you guys involved in all this. We are going to start a new feature called 'Ask an Ant'. This is going to be a set of interviews, one every week, where a local from the Ant Hill is interviewed. This way we can get to know all you wonderful people and find out what you like and what you don't.

We have a problem though, we don't have an interviewer *sob*. To remedy this we are starting a competition for all the people in Ant Hill to see if one of you can become our interviewer!

So here's what you need to do if you want to enter.

Find the user COLTchr
Ask him 5 questions of your choice (preferably via whispers)
Write out the interview
Put a small section at the top of the interview introducing yourself
Send it to

Be as creative with the questions as you can, remember there will be lots of people asking the same boring questions so anything that is a little different will make you stand out.

This competition will run for 2 weeks. At the end we will post our favourite 3 interviews on the blog and get you guys to vote on them to see who our new interviewer will be.


No profanity
No topics that would not be allowed in the room
You can include pictures as long as they are suitable
Basically if you would get told off for saying or doing it in the room then it's not allowed on here
A promise of commitment - If you win you must agree to do at least 3 months of interviews with one every fortnight.
One entry per user (that means no alts also)
All entries must be in by 24/02/09
Finally do not share your interview with anyone this is a competition after all!

Here is an example of what we want

AntHillofkong: So Tibialis why the username?
Tibialis: Well I'm in to science and it's part of the name of a leg muscle in your....
AntHillofkong: ooookay then, moving swiftly on to a more, er, interesting topic. What's your favourite game on kong?
Tibialis: Well i like puzzle games, i guess chronotron is one of my faves but i kinda like M.I.L.O also and...
AntHillofkong: Right sorry to cut you short but we need this done by the end of the year ya know. So what's your favourite colour?
Tibialis: Bottle green.
AntHillofkong:...That's it? We don't get an essay from you? Ok then what do you do when you are not on kong?
Tibialis: I study, see friends, read, listen to..
AntHillofkong: Yeah i knew the short answer thing was going to be short lived. Finally what is your favourite animal?
Tibialis: Cats and lizards.
AntHillofkong: er, dude, that's TWO animals but ok. Well it's been great talking to you, thanks for doing the interview. This is AntHillofKong signing off.

Any questions and you can grab Valkyrie, Restlessnative, Tibialis or Aleve whilst they are in the room or send them a whisper on their profiles.

Good luck!