Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Hey Ants!

So first a great big Ant Hill welcome to the new blog!

On this blog we can share information with you, run certain specical things like... drumroll... the Ant Hill person of the week and generally have a place that we can get all the Ants working together.

So then, the Ant Hill ethos. In Ant Hill we strive to make a nice, pleasant room where all can feel welcome. We do not spam, swear, troll or harass other users. When a troll does break our defenses and make it into the Hill we try to show them that we are nice ants and not start bristling at them. If that fails, we just mute and ignore them. We do welcome new users and stray users looking for a new home. We do help each other out whether it is concerning games, the site or just life in general. We want to make this a room that you can relax and have fun in, please help us make it that way.

To help you guys out with all this to the right of this post are some useful links. There is the help page that will tell you all the info about kongregate you could ever wish to know. There is the behaviour guidelines where you can see what sort of behaviour is acceptable on kongregate. Finally should you ever have a problem with someone that can't be fixed by grabbing a mod there is the ability to report abusive behaviour.

For the time being this blog will be run by the few of us that have set it up. Once we have got to grips with it all and it is running smoothly we will invite some more of you to contribute. Right now we still need your help though. If something funny happens in the room take a screen shot and send it to us, if there is someone special in the room then let us know, if you are good at art and want to help design the blog then let us know! You can contact us by grabbing any of the regular Ant Hill mods, Valkyrie, RestlessNative, Aleve and Tibialis.