Monday, 16 March 2009


The blog is officially closed. It will remain closed until the mods have more time to run it, if you want the blog back then help us have more time to spend on it.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Happy Birthday.

The Ant Hill wishes 


A Very very happy Birthday.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Important Requests

Hi guys, I have a few things to say and a few favors to ask so please read this as it's really important.

Firstly I want to talk about the room, how we all behave and how we should all behave.

I am really really proud of you all and the way you stand up for the room and the way you want to keep it clean and happy. You all know the rules and you want to encourage others to keep to them, that's great and I thank you for it.

BUT what I don't want to happen is that the room turns in to a witch hunt. We all, me included, need to chill out a bit and have some fun. One line of caps is not going to turn the room in to a riot so there is no need to start jumping on someone the second they post it. When someone spams we do not need 40 people yelling at them. what we DO need is patience, understanding and a little relaxation.

As I said I am very proud and grateful for the way you all look after the room and I want you all to carry on...just in a more relaxed manner. If someone types a line of caps leave it, if they type another then it's ok to ask them to stop. If someone spams then one or two people asking them to stop is fine, please see what others are typing so you do not add another request after a couple have already been made.

Please also understand that new users are coming to Kongregate every day. Although the rules are in the sign up procedure a lot of people do not read them. Don't give someone a hard time about breaking a rule until you are sure they know there was a rule in the first place! If someone breaks a rule and they are a new user explain that Kongregate is a nice community, we want to keep it clean and that the rules are there to make sure that people have a fun time. Explain what the rule is and if you want direct them to the help pages and behaviour guidelines so they can get some info and try to understand how things work.

Finally there is a phrase i picked up from one of the regulars in the room, BYOM - be your own mod. Very sage advice. When someone is annoying you don't start an argument, if you try to reason with them and they don't want to reason then don't carry on. Ignore or mute the person and carry on as normal. Continuing to argue or to attempt to reason with someone only interested in trolling the room just makes the situation worse.

Once again I AM proud of you and I AM grateful for what you do in the room, I just want things to be even more awesome than they are.

Ok so finally one more request. I want to know what YOU want. All of you, all the regulars and visitors to the Ant Hill. What do you want from the blog, what do you want from the room? I'm asking about both in general and also specific things. Tell me if you want fun and excitement from the room, or tell me if you have a specific request, say for a big purple flower as background on the blog. Let me know what you want. Now I'm not saying that you will all get what you ask for so please do not be upset if things do not go as you hope. This is your room and your blog and we want to try and make it what YOU want, it may not always be possible but let us know anyway so we can try. You can leave a comment on this post, you can leave a whisper on my profile or you can send an email to

Thank you for reading this.


Monday, 9 February 2009

Ask an ant

CHANGE OF RULES: We are now only asking for a commitment of 1 interview every 2 weeks.

If you want to do one every week that's fine but only one a fortnight is compulsory.
Solo entries only, if we get 2 astounding entries we may take on both of you on alternate weeks though.

Hey Ants!

So we have a cunning plan to get you guys involved in all this. We are going to start a new feature called 'Ask an Ant'. This is going to be a set of interviews, one every week, where a local from the Ant Hill is interviewed. This way we can get to know all you wonderful people and find out what you like and what you don't.

We have a problem though, we don't have an interviewer *sob*. To remedy this we are starting a competition for all the people in Ant Hill to see if one of you can become our interviewer!

So here's what you need to do if you want to enter.

Find the user COLTchr
Ask him 5 questions of your choice (preferably via whispers)
Write out the interview
Put a small section at the top of the interview introducing yourself
Send it to

Be as creative with the questions as you can, remember there will be lots of people asking the same boring questions so anything that is a little different will make you stand out.

This competition will run for 2 weeks. At the end we will post our favourite 3 interviews on the blog and get you guys to vote on them to see who our new interviewer will be.


No profanity
No topics that would not be allowed in the room
You can include pictures as long as they are suitable
Basically if you would get told off for saying or doing it in the room then it's not allowed on here
A promise of commitment - If you win you must agree to do at least 3 months of interviews with one every fortnight.
One entry per user (that means no alts also)
All entries must be in by 24/02/09
Finally do not share your interview with anyone this is a competition after all!

Here is an example of what we want

AntHillofkong: So Tibialis why the username?
Tibialis: Well I'm in to science and it's part of the name of a leg muscle in your....
AntHillofkong: ooookay then, moving swiftly on to a more, er, interesting topic. What's your favourite game on kong?
Tibialis: Well i like puzzle games, i guess chronotron is one of my faves but i kinda like M.I.L.O also and...
AntHillofkong: Right sorry to cut you short but we need this done by the end of the year ya know. So what's your favourite colour?
Tibialis: Bottle green.
AntHillofkong:...That's it? We don't get an essay from you? Ok then what do you do when you are not on kong?
Tibialis: I study, see friends, read, listen to..
AntHillofkong: Yeah i knew the short answer thing was going to be short lived. Finally what is your favourite animal?
Tibialis: Cats and lizards.
AntHillofkong: er, dude, that's TWO animals but ok. Well it's been great talking to you, thanks for doing the interview. This is AntHillofKong signing off.

Any questions and you can grab Valkyrie, Restlessnative, Tibialis or Aleve whilst they are in the room or send them a whisper on their profiles.

Good luck!


Sunday, 8 February 2009

New Layout!

The Ant Hill sprites finally got off their backsides and made a pretty new layout for the blog.

As this blog grows so will the cute little menus at the top, so keep an eye out for new buttons to click.

Also a new post with some very important info will be popping up here some time in the next few days so keep an eye out for it! If you want to make sure you don't miss anything you can subscribe to this blog using the links on the left of this post.

Happy blog reading

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Hey Ants!

So first a great big Ant Hill welcome to the new blog!

On this blog we can share information with you, run certain specical things like... drumroll... the Ant Hill person of the week and generally have a place that we can get all the Ants working together.

So then, the Ant Hill ethos. In Ant Hill we strive to make a nice, pleasant room where all can feel welcome. We do not spam, swear, troll or harass other users. When a troll does break our defenses and make it into the Hill we try to show them that we are nice ants and not start bristling at them. If that fails, we just mute and ignore them. We do welcome new users and stray users looking for a new home. We do help each other out whether it is concerning games, the site or just life in general. We want to make this a room that you can relax and have fun in, please help us make it that way.

To help you guys out with all this to the right of this post are some useful links. There is the help page that will tell you all the info about kongregate you could ever wish to know. There is the behaviour guidelines where you can see what sort of behaviour is acceptable on kongregate. Finally should you ever have a problem with someone that can't be fixed by grabbing a mod there is the ability to report abusive behaviour.

For the time being this blog will be run by the few of us that have set it up. Once we have got to grips with it all and it is running smoothly we will invite some more of you to contribute. Right now we still need your help though. If something funny happens in the room take a screen shot and send it to us, if there is someone special in the room then let us know, if you are good at art and want to help design the blog then let us know! You can contact us by grabbing any of the regular Ant Hill mods, Valkyrie, RestlessNative, Aleve and Tibialis.